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N*E*R*D – Sooner or Later Lyrics

星期二, 六月 17th, 2008

Nerd - Seeing Sounds

NERD的最新专辑Seeing Sounds果然大受好评,专辑中不论是‘time for acktion’- 他们擅长的曲风,又或者是很英伦风格的‘Sooner or Later’(或者是六十年代的Soul?),都很好。Rock Band,没错。

NERD - Sooner or Later
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Nas – Hero feat. Kerl Hilson (New Single)

星期四, 六月 12th, 2008

nas - hero feat. kerl hilson 2008 new single



A Classic Joint, LOL.

Original Fake x Porter S/S ’08 Collection

星期二, 六月 10th, 2008

head porter X original fake s/s 08

Original Fake和Head Porter最近和合作推出的系列包(箱)。OF的大叉子很诱人,三种颜色。其中那个Messenger Bag的设计还是挺有意思的。大量的图点击下面的链接查看。

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Too naive and simple…@@

星期二, 六月 10th, 2008








Nas New Album Cover?

星期日, 六月 8th, 2008

nas new album cover

Nas could have easily looked at his enduring legacy in hip hop, sat back, relaxed and gave himself a congratulatory pat on the back. He could have easily gone the way of several legendary MCs whose flow got lethargic and stale and decided instead of deciding to push forward took a long deep look into the past. No one would have blamed him either. He would easily go down as one of the most poetic influential important street poets to ever lay his voice on wax not just in Hip Hop but in music in general. But as Nas stated on the intro to his Stillmatic album “They thought I’ll make another Illmatic/but it’s always forward I’m moving stupid never backwards here’s another classic.” This is the feeling that has summed up the later part of Nas’ career.

Just about every album he has dropped in the new millennium has either been thoughtfully penned beautifully tragic pieces like the slightly somber “God’s Son” penned in the wake of his mother’s death, or an affirmation of his hardcore gritty NY rap roots with the double album “Streets Disciple”, or the intentionally controversial titled semi concept album “Hip Hop is Dead”. Just the titles alone shows an artist hell bent on leaving a huge dent in hip hop before he bows out. His new album was to be titled the most offensive racial epithet ever uttered (yes that one). Although Nas changed the album title to simply “Nas” he assured the fans that the content will be just as politically charged and incendiary as the former album title conveys. One look at the cover of the new album the viewer gets an incredibly powerful statement that an entire music career or volumes of books for that matter couldn’t convey. If the new album dropping July 1st is half as powerful as the album cover, we’re in for another classic.

No matter whom your candidate of choice is in the 2008 election, the reverberations of change and history could be felt a few nights ago when Barack Obama took the stage in St. Paul and announced that he is the presumptive nominee for the democratic party. Since the beginning of hip hop music MCs have used beats and rhymes as a platform to voice descent, opinion and protest. However, the actual political process of conducting a campaign for a candidate has been few and far in-between. There has always been a pervasive feeling amongst the urban community that politicians are non-responsive to their problems or concerns. Therefore, advocating for a president seemed useless or even counterproductive.

However, this seemed to all wash away since Obama, the first African American democratic nominee, first announced his candidacy as several MCs took to the studio to pen rhymes as inspirational as the man himself. The most notable pro Obama song so far is Will I Am’s “Yes We Can” which was actually featured at several Obama rallies. Now one of the most outspoken MCs on the political front, Nas takes on the subject matter with his release “Black President”. The DJ Green Lantern Produced track splices parts of Obama’s speeches as Nas lends his poetical prose to a thoughtful track about the possibility of the first black president.

Listen to the track [HERE]


Nas – Black President

Quoted from hypebeast.